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Shandong Xinkaite Bearing Co Ltd is a professional belt conveyor roller bearing manufacturer enterprise Started in 2006 located in Xu Village Industrial Garden Gan Town Guan County Shandong The registered capital is 30 million CNY cover an area of 18 000 square meters registered trademarks CXKB XKBEARING XKTE After years of development and accumulation Xinkaite is strong in technology excellent quality products praised by domestic and foreign customers The domestic markets have covered more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions And there are more 300 long term fixed partners of domestic belt conveyor roller pulley manufacturers The foreign market is exported to Australia Russia Brazil...

Categories and Products

Conveyor Bearing

Conveyor Idler Roller Bearing

Bulk Material handing Conveyor idler roller bearing Bulk Conveyor Components Conveyor Roller Bearing 6205 C3 Conveyor Parts 6305 C3 bearing for conveyor idler 6306 C3 Bearing For Idler Roller Open Type Conveyor Idler Bearing 6307 C3 Open Type Bulk Conveyor Bearing 6308 C3 Open Type Belt Conveyor Bearing 6310 C3 Open type conveyor bearing 6309 C3 for idler Bulk Material Conveyor Bearing 6204 2RS C3 6205 2RS Idler Bearing For Bulk Material Conveyor Mining Sector Idler Roller Bearing 6305 2RS C3 Components For Conveyor Belt Idler Bearing 6306 2RS Bulk Conveyor Idler Bearing 6308 2RS C3 Belt Conveyor Accessories Carrying Idler Bearing 6307 2RS Conveyor Roller Accessories Sealed Ball Bearing 6310 2RS Idler Roller Accessories Sealed Bearing 6309 2RS Nylon Cage Conveyor Idler Bearing 6204 KA/TN9 Polyamide Cage Conveyor Idler Roller Bearing 6205 KA/TN9 Nylon Retainer Conveyor Roller Bearing 6305 KA/TN9 Molded Nylon Cage Idler Roller Bearing 6306KA/TN9 

Conveyor Drum Pulley Bearing

Conveyor Drum Pulley Bearing 22210 CA W33 Conveyor Drum Pulley Bearing 22211 CA Brass Cage Roller Bearing 22220 CA For Conveyor Conveyor Drum Bearing 22312 CA For Mining Machinery Roller Bearing 22314 For Conveyor Spare Parts Conveyor Tail Pulley Bearing 22200 22300 Series Spherical Roller Bearings For Head And Tail Pulleys Spherical Roller Bearing For Conveyor Pulley Components Spherical Roller Bearing 22310 CA/E For Conveyor Pulley Spherical Roller Bearing 22311 E/CA For Drum Pulley Belt Conveyor Snub Pulley Bearing 22222 CK Conveyor Pulley Components Mining Bearing 22219 E/CA Conveyor Mining Pulley Bearing 22224 CA W33 Conveyor Pulley Spare Parts Bearing 22226 E/CA W33 Roller Bearing 22228 E/CA For Material Handling Applications Bearing 22230 E/CA/CC For Conveyor Pulley Application Self aligning Ball Bearing 1308 For Conveyor Pulley Self aligning Ball Bearing 1309 For Drum Pulley Self aligning Ball Bearing 1311 For Conveyor Drum Conveyor Pulley Parts Self-aligning ball Bearing 2210 

Conveyor Components

Conveyor Idler Components

Bulk Materials Handling Conveyor Idler Roller Components Conveyor Idler Roller Spare Parts Manufacturers Mining Machinery Equipment Comb Idler Spare Parts Bulk Material Handling Conveyor Taper Idler Spare Parts Mining Conveyor Friction idler roller Spare Parts Mineral Belt Conveyor Guide Idlers Spare Parts Coal Conveyor Impact idler rollers Spare Parts Mining Machinery Flat Return Idler Spare Parts Belt Conveyor Self-aligning Idler Spare Parts Bulk Conveyor Spiral idlers Spare Parts Mining Conveyor Troughing idler Spare Parts Idler Roller Components For Bulk Belt Roller Conveyor Bulk Material Handling Conveyor Idler Parts And Accessories Components For Bulk Handing Conveyor Equipment Belt Conveyor DTII Idler Roller Spare Parts DTII Conveyor Idler Roller Components TKII Structure Conveyor Roller components Conveyor HDPE Idler Roller Spare Parts Mining Steel Idler Roller Spare Parts Conveyor 3 Roll Troughing Idler Spare Parts 

Conveyor Pulley Components

Mining Bulk Conveyor Drum Pulley Components Coal Mining Conveyor Pulley Equipment Components Mining And Minerals Industries Conveyor Pulley Parts Mining Bulk Material Handling Conveyor Drum Components 

Idler Bearing Housing

Conveyor Idler Bearing Housing TK6204-108 Stamping Conveyor Idler Bearing Cap TKII6205 Stamped Bearing Housing TKII 6305 Conveyor Idler Roller Bearing Housing TK 6306 Conveyor Deep Groove Ball Bearing Housing TK/TKII/DTII 6307 DTII/TK/TKII Pressed Conveyor Roller End Cap Dtii/Tk/Tkii Conveyor SPHC Pressed Idler Roller Housing Mining Conveyor Idler Roller Bearing Seat Conveyor bearing for Stamping Idler roller Cap TKII6205 

Conveyor Idler Seal

Conveyor Roller Spare Parts Labyrinth Seal DTII Belt Conveyor Parts Idler Roller Labyrinth Seals TR TKII TD75 Series Belt Conveyor Labyrinth Seals TK/TKII Series Bearing Components With Labyrinth Seals DTII Roller End Cap And Labyrinth Seals TKII Conveyor Roller Labyrinth Seal And Bearing Housing TD75 Type Conveyor Idler Roller Labyrinth Seals TR Series Conveyor Roller Spare Parts Labyrinth Seals TD75 Conveyor Roller Spare Parts TD75 Belt Conveyor Roller Components TKII Series Conveyor Roller Spare Parts 

Nylon Cage Bearing

Open Nylon Cage Bearing

Conveyor Idler Components Nylon Cage Bearing 6204 TN Open Type Molded Nylon Cage Bearing 6205 KA Open Type Nylon Retainer Bearing 6305 TN Open TN/TNG Nylon cage Bearing 6306 TN C3 Open Crown Nylon Cage Bearing 6308 TN C3 Open Type Polyamide Cage Bearing 6307 TN/KA C3 Ball Bearing 6204 TN9 For Conveyor Idler Roller PA Cage Bearing 6205 TN9 For Mining Sector 6305 TN9 Bearing Used In Bulk Conveyor Nylon Bearing 6306 TN9 For Conveyor Roller Polyamide PA Cage Bearing 6204 KA For Conveyor Conveyor Idler Accessories Bearing 6305 KA C3 Open Type Nylon Retainer Bearing 6306 KA C3 

Sealed Nylon Cage Bearing

Rubber Sealed Nylon Cage Ball Bearing 6204 Rubber Sealed Polyamide Cage Bearing 6205 C3 RS/2RS Conveyor Idler Accessory Nylon Bearing 6305 TNG C3 Sealed Nylon Cage Ball Bearing 6306 KA/TN9 C3 Nylon Sealed Ball Bearing 6204 TN9/C3/2RS/RS Sealed Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6205 TN9/C3 2RS Nylon Seals Bearing 6305 TN9/C3 For Quarry Bearing 6306 TN9/C3 For Carrying Idler Sealed PA Nylon Retainer Bearing 6307 TN9/KA Double Sealed Nylon Retainer Bearing 6308 TN9/KA Reinforced Nylon Cage Mining Bearing 6205 TN9 C3 6305 2RS TN9 C3 Support Bearing For Conveyor Conveyor Belt Spare Parts 6306 2RS TN9 C3 Conveyor Mining Equipment Bearing 6308 2RS TN9 C3 Polyamide Cage Bearing 6205 TNG for Open-pit Mine Polyamide Cage Bearing For Material Handling Systems Reinforced Nylon Bearing For Conveyor Belt System Polyamide Cage BB1B420205 C3 Conveyor Roller Bearing 

Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Open Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Open type deep groove ball bearing 6204 C3 Open Type Radial Ball Bearing 6205 C3 Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6305 C3 Open Type Ball Bearing 6306 C3 Open Type Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6307 C3 Open Ball Bearing 6308 C3 For Bulk Conveyor Open Bearings 6204 C4 For Mining Sector Open Ball Bearings 6205 C4 For Idler Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6305 C4 For Conveyor Open Type Iron Cage Ball Bearing 6306 C4 Single Row Radial Ball Bearing 6307 C4 Conveyor Roller Ball Bearing 6308 C4 Bulk Conveyor Ball Bearing 6309 C4 Open Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6310 C4 J Steel Cage 6204 Bearing For Coal Conveyor 6307 C3 Ball Bearing For CEMA E Series Idlers 

Rubber Sealed Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Rubber Sealed Ball Bearing 6204 2RS C3 Rubber Seals Ball Bearing 6205 2RS C3 Rubber Sealed Deep Grove Ball Bearing 6305 2RS Rubber Seals Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6306 2RS Rubber Sealed Radial Ball Bearing 6307 2RS C3 Contact Rubber Seals Bearing 6308 2RS C3 Seals Ball Bearing 6205 2RS C4 For Idler 6205 2RS C3 C4 bearing for Idler Roll Conveyor Support Roller bearing 6205-2RS C3 

Iron Shielded Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Conveyor Idler Parts Iron Shielded Bearing 6204 ZZ Conveyor Parts Steel Shielded Bearing 6205 ZZ C3 Steel Shielded Bearing 6305 ZZ C3 Iron Seals Ball Bearing 6306 ZZ C3 Iron Sealed Ball Bearing 6307 ZZ C3 Iron Seals Bearing 6308 ZZ For Mining Machinery Double Shielded Bearing 6309 ZZ For Coal Mining 6310 ZZ Bearing Used In Conveyor Idler Iron Shielded 6305 ZZ Bearing For Conveyor Applications‎ Iron Shielded Radial Ball Bearing 80204 C3 C4 Ball Bearing 80305 C3 For Carrier Roller Conveyor Bulk Material Conveyor Belt Roller Bearing 80308 C3 Carrying Idler Roller Bearing 6204 ZZ C3 For Power Plant 6306 ZZ C3 Bearing For HDPE Idler Conveyor Mining 6307 ZZ C3 Bearing For Conveying Idler 6308 ZZ C3 Bearing For Mine Duty Idler Power Plant 6309 ZZ C3 Bearing For Idler Set 

Spherical Roller Bearing

Steel Cage Spherical Roller Bearing

Steel Cage CC Spherical Roller Bearing 22210 CC CC Spherical Roller Bearing 22220 CC For Pulley 

Brass Cage Spherical Roller Bearing

Brass cage spherical roller bearing 22210 CA/W33 CA Spherical Roller Bearing Bearing 22211 CA Spherical Roller Bearing 22212 CA/W33 For Drum Pully Belt Conveyor Pulley Rolling Bearing 22213 CA/W33 Copper Cage Spherical Roller Bearing 22215 CA/W33 Copper Spherical Roller Bearing 22216 CA/W33 For Pulley Brass Retainer Spherical Roller Bearing 22220 CA/W33 Roller Bearing 22236 CA/W33 for Bulk Conveyor Pulley Spherical Roller Bearing 22312 CA For Driving Pulley Spherical Roller Bearing 22314 CA/W33 For Head Pulley Mining Belt Conveyor Drum Bearing 22213 CA/W33 Conveyor Supporting Pulley Bearing 22215 CA/W33 Mining Spherical Roller Bearing 22207 CA/W33 Heavy Load Spherical Roller Bearing 22208 CA W33 Brass Spherical Roller Bearing 22209 CA W33 Brass Cage Spherical Roller Bearing 22217 CA W33 Double Row Spherical Roller Bearing 22218 CA W33 

Self-aligning Ball Bearing

Nylon Cage Self-aligning Ball Bearing

Nylon Cage Self-aligning Ball Bearing 1310 ATN Double Row Self Aligning Ball Bearing 1312 ATN 1316 ATN Self aligning Ball Bearing For Drum 

Iron Cage Self-aligning Ball Bearing

Iron Cage Self-aligning Ball Bearing 1310 Double Row Iron Self Aligning Ball Bearing 1312 Self aligning Ball Bearing 1316 For Quarrying 

One Way Bearing

CSK series One Way Bearing 62 Series 2RS CSK Series One Way Ball Bearing 6200 Series CSK Series One Way Clutch Bearing CSK20/20PP 2RS CSK25PP One way Bearing with Keyway Sprag One Way Clutch Bearing CSK25-2RS For Conveyor Idler Belt Conveyor Components One Way Bearing CSK30 One Way Backstop Clutch Bearing CSK35 CSK35PP Sprag Clutch Bearing CSK40 CSK40P/PP 

Conveyor Idler

Comb Idler

Comb type Cleaning Idler Roller For Bulk Conveyor 

Taper Idler

Belt Conveyor Steel Taper Idler Roller 

Friction Idler

Bulk Material Handling Belt Conveyor Friction Idler 

Guide Idler

Bulk Material Belt Conveyor Side Guide Idler 

Impact Idler

89mm Dia Belt Conveyor Impact Idler Roller Bulk Material Handing Conveyor Components Buffer Idler Bulk Material Conveyor UHMWPE Impact Troughing Idler Bulk Solids Conveyors Components Buffer Idler Roller 

Return Idler

Belt Conveyor Flat Return Idler For Mining Machine 

Self-aligning Idler

Belt Conveyor Self-aligning Idler Set Belt Conveyror Taper Self-aligning Idler Roller 

Spiral Idler

Material Handing Equipment Conveyor Spiral Idler Roller 

Conveyor Pulley

Bend Pulley

Light Duty Type Belt Conveyor Parts Bend Pulley 

Driving Pulley

Belt Conveyor Heavy-duty Driving Pulley 

Head Pulley

Mining Belt Conveyor Head Drum Pulley 

Snub Pulley

Mining Belt Conveyor Snub Drum Pulley 

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