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Conveyor pulleys are the main elements providing the transmission of torque from the drive and ensuring that belts remain taught. As per international standard design and manufacturing technology, there are Head Pulley, tail pulley and Bend Pulley. Conveyor pulleys are often lagged with rubber to improve the friction between the drive pulley and the belt. Conveyor Pulleys are used to transmit the drive power into the conveyor belt and as such, are subjected to the dynamic belt tension forces in a conveyor.

Conveyor Pulley

There are a number of different types of pulleys available for use on conveyors as well as different design parameters for pulleys serving different functions on the same conveyor.

Drive Pulley: Transmit the power with the contact force between the belt and the surface of the pulley

Snub Pulley: The purpose of the snub pulley is to wrap the belt further around the drive pulley to improve the transmission of the driving force, and to eliminate belt slip.

Bend Pulley: Changes the direction of a belt

Take-Up Pulley: Generally attaches to a weigh and maintains proper

Tail Pulley: Turns freely, which is located at the tail end of the belt conveyor

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XKTE Roller bearing- running - in material handling bulk conveyor system.

Types and arrangement of pulley bearings

The bearings are self-aligning relative to their raceways, which means that the bearings can be 'misaligned' relative to the shaft and plummer blocks, to a certain degree. In practical terms this implies that the bending of the shaft under loaded conditions as well as minor misalignment of the pulley support structure, can be accommodated by the bearing.

1. Bearings used for conveyor pulleys are generally spherical roller bearings, chosen for their radial and axial load supporting characteristics.

2. Self-aligning Ball Bearing

Conveyor Pulley