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The Installation Of Bearing For Conveyor Idler Roller


As the Bearing For Conveyor idler Roller has high precision, it calls great requirements for the installation and use. If we donot pay enough attention to it, that would be a great damage to the Conveyor Idler bearing: the lifetime may be shortened, the related components would be damaged. Generally speaking, the damage of Conveyor Idler Bearing is caused by the wrong installation and use, therefore, we could increase the lifetime of the conveyor idler bearing if it is installed and used correctly.

Matters need attention:

While installing the conveyor idler bearing, the most important thing is to keep the bearing and related components clean and use proper installing tools.

1. Clean the work zone and use clean installing tools;

2. We should use assistant tools with good plasticity which donot fall off easily;

3. Confirm all the components are qualified;

4. We should break and open the seal while using it;

5. Keep the conveyor idler bearing clean during the whole installation;

6. Generally speaking, we donot need to wash off the slushing oil the conveyor idler bearing carries unless the lubrication grease is needed, we could install it as usual.

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